What kind of music we play

We started with russian folk & author music, so Odessa's primary wave is this. Than we enlarge our repertory to balkan folk music songs - "starogradske" style. Mostely are ballads with regional accordation & melos and words speakin' about love, life and everydays (non)problems. We put some interesting links to russian & balcan sites, so you're invited to go on our "links" page. Simply clickckckc ...

Below are some of most rapresentative songs from our huge repertoire.
russian songs other songs
Odessa mama Fijaker stari
Staničniky (Esaul) Moja mala
Malchiskha Jedna čaša
Tjomnaja noč Nesretnik sam od malena
Valjs Boston Djelem, Djelem
Pokažite mnje Moskvu Erdelezi (Djurdjev dan)